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Pick of the Week: 13.06.11

Pick of the Week: 13.06.11

Quad Shelving Unit by Nauris Kalinauskas; – $999.00

I’ve wanted to build one of these bookshelves for so long it doesn’t even make sense for me to estimate. I’d build one myself but I’m quite sure I’m not as adept at getting right angles right with a nail and a hammer as I’d like to be. The quad shelving unit definitely deserves a place in my humble abode, especially with all the piles of magazines and books I refuse to trash, trade or pass along to someone else. The slightly off kilter way of stacking your prized literary possessions makes a bookworm like me swoon. If your book collection is lacking in volume, it’s just darn pretty to look at, and there are so many other things you can put on it.

Creative Corner: Nick Gentry

Perhaps I’m a little bit of a tech nerd, but I find this ingenious use of floppy disks to be art I’d like to have in my house. Maybe I’d better save this for my computer room or office, because it’s too nerdy cool for almost anywhere else. The generation after me will never really know the ‘pleasure’ of using a floppy disk that happened to erase all of my files because I accidentally moved the sliding silver thing. I can remember playing games on my computer that required these odd square anomalies, and I never thought I’d find them the least bit attractive. This is a use for floppy disks I can get behind, and we can all thank the genius of Nick Gentry. The British artists paintings take shape on an original sort of canvas. He’s also used VHS, polaroids, and cassettes. Putting to use all of the things I’ll probably never use again, regrettably.

Check out his YouTube channel for more video’s like this one:

Fashion Sensory VI

Fashion Sensory VIThe Art: I’m pretty much obsessed with this Josephine Baker shot, not that I could ever pull off the banana skirt myself. Josephine’s sex appeal is exuded in everything from her dance like pose to her flapper cropped hair, not to mention her topless, banana skirt clad body. I think I’ve looked at this image a million times, but I’d like to blow it up on a canvas.

The Piece: It’s the closest I’ll ever get to wearing a banana skirt or else it’s Halloween. I can calm down a little because it’s a bracelet, so a wardrobe malfunction is totally out of the picture. It’s like a small symbolic tribute to one of the greatest style icons that’s ever bewitched me. I can thank Michelle Lowe-Holder for the beautiful but demure cop out that I’ve found in the small gold folded cuff.

Coveted Deeply

Coveted Deeply

[1] The weather is finally agreeable, if you can withstand the humidity and if nothing else that means I need water and wedges. These beachy beaded espadrilles from Not Rated with turquoise accents are definitely on my ever growing wish list. They are simply adorable, perfect for a long skirt or mini dress.

[2] In honor of Erica Jong’s latest book, ‘Sugar in My Bowl,’ scheduled for release on June 14th, I’m a tad bit enthralled by this legs in a bathtub sugar bowl from Undergrowth. This sugar bowl isn’t just a little bit naughty, it’s downright bad, and I love it. Because we all need a little sugar in our bowls, I’m coveting this deeply.

[3] This season I want lots of flowy tops in particularly interesting shades. I’m never one to shy away from color, so I love the delicacy of the drapery on this blouse in the soft orange hue. It’s utter perfection in its beautiful mastery of the female silhouette.

[4] An antique tea stand with intriguing fretwork, this square stool is perfect for a seat or a little table. I love anything that takes something mundane or even slightly forgettable and transforms it into something that makes you kind of stop and stare. I think this stool is one of those pieces that’ll end up in my bedroom whether or not I’m sure how it’ll work with the decor.

[5] I’m a tad apprehensive when it comes to white jeans so these really light blue Harlan jeans from Earnest Sewn kind of pacifies that fear. The cigarette leg and the distressed rips take them from clean cut and respectable to something I’d wear with just ab0ut any kind of top, whether I’m feeling flirty or seductive.

Shots I Love: Moment of Inspiration

Moment of InspirationI’m not completely sure why I love this shot so much. It’s just so delicate and beautiful. There’s no denying that there’s been a lot of hype about hats with the rise of the Royal Wedding, but now that it’s over I’m still coveting them. This photo inspires a refinement and poise that isn’t too stuffy. The beige satin underlay and frilly white bloomers with the crisp creamy white dress is a little angelic but terribly sexy. I desperately want to know what she’s looking at, and what’s more important is – I want that turban-ish pom pom of a hat.

Pick of the Week: 02.05.11

Pick of the Week: 02.05.11

Steuben – Crystal Piggy Bank;  $1,900,

I’m a fan of saving, so long as it doesn’t keep me from enjoying some good food, booze and miscellaneous shopping and entertainment activities. Perhaps when I’m making the kind of bank that I can drop $1,900 on a piggy bank I won’t be in need of a piggy bank as stately as this one. Perhaps I should stick to bank accounts and pink ones, but I can’t help but adore this one. It’s a beautiful sort of grown up keepsake that I’d probably fill with coins from different countries to add a little intrigue.

Pick Three: Alexander McQueen

Pick Three: Alexander McqueenThe Alexander McQueen label is the talk of the fashion town, be it because of the Royal Wedding or the Met exhibit and Vogue Gala to follow. The McQueen label is famed for its ability to always make a dramatic statement, and while Kate Middleton Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s dress was the antithesis of that image, everyone is still raving about the fairytale princess gown Sarah Burton created.


Embroidered Fin Mini-Dress;
Ordinarily this would be a plain shift dress, but the beauty is in the detail. I love the cut at the end of the shoulder, the lace is polished and a tad bit princessy but the shoulder slits and mini skirting give it a sexy edge.
Available at for $5,925.00.


Britannia Studded Clutch;
I feel like uttering “God save the Queen”, or something like it; this clutch is an ode to Britannia with the quintessential McQueen skull. The original red, white and blue, accented by a few gold studs is a definite statement piece.
Available at for $1,950.00.


Sculpted Resin and Leather Sandals;
The leaf details on these shoes are intensely ethereal. I feel like they’re the perfect pair of heels for a nymph or a fairy – they’re defiantly fantastical. They’re works of art and I’m definitely coveting them deeply.
Available at for $3,495.00.