Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.

Coveted Deeply

[1] I love bustiers, corsets or whatever you want to call them. They’re great under a blazer or paired with a barely there mini skirt, and if it’s one thing I’m glad for it’s the fact that unlike the women of the sixteenth century, I don’t have to crack my ribs or sacrifice my breathing for them. The mix of grey, light blue, dark blue, and black on the Preen Line Floral Zoe cropped bustier has the sort of cross between seductive structure and flirty spirit that I love.

[2] This sandstone stone in this ring looks like the night sky, I love it’s twilight aura, but it’s almost black hue makes it edgy yet pure. The prismatic facets lend dimension to the flecks of glitter that resemble stars, it’s the perfect little understated statement cocktail ring. I seriously can’t stop staring at this Lola Rose Sonia ring, it’s almost perverse.

[3] Louis Vuitton’s signature luggage pieces have these gorgeous engraved accents to accompany the signature LV monogram and this cuff captures all of that in a piece I can tote around effortlessly. The Louis Vuitton Save It bracelet possesses the air of Parisian style that first made their luggage famous, but there’s something more about it that I can’t quite grasp that makes me want it even more.

[4] I love this palette, it kind of looks like a face painting kit, probably because the colors are just as potent. I’m well versed in the art of face painting with Snazaroo paints, but the fact of the matter is I have infinitely more fun getting dolled up with this Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color palette than I do drawing butterflies on little girls’ faces.

[5] I’m a sucker for bright colors, and this flaming orangey-redness of this bag, Zara is always good for finding what I like to call true fashion pieces like this, the aptly named Fashion City bag. The color is so strong it’s bound to stop people in their tracks, but that’s probably the point, it’s too gorgeous to be passed on the street without as much as a second or third glance. I’d also like to get it in the deep blue and maybe even the tan.

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