Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.
Coveted Deeply

[1] Unlike the rest of the New York fashion scene. I can’t live my life in all black – my need for a colorful wardrobe is just one of those things I inherited from being born in the Caribbean. While black has become sort of a uniform for everyone else – I’ll stick to my bright colors – like this Jade Crop Cable Knit from Acne. The knit makes it perfect for winter – and the color helps keep me and my complexion from sinking into a winter abyss.

[2] Ariel had whos its and whats its galore, and I’ve got a thing for bangles. One day I purchased every color I could find in a vintage store in Toronto. This Kate Spade City Lights Idiom bangle is precious, the engraving on the inside is the cherry on top – it reads “Bright Lights, Big City.” Every chance I get, whether it’s perching myself on my Brooklyn rooftop or driving through the city in the back of a cab after a night out – taking in NYC’s city lights is one of those marvelous things about living in NYC and this bangle embodies that.

[3] These vases have a sort of test tube vibe – taking me back to Chemistry class and the periodic table in a more beautiful way. I may possess an inability to keep plants alive for any extended period of time, but I love orchids. This image conjures up all types of ideas for turning my room into a greenhouse. My dream apartment will  make use of these Pipin Vases in almost every room.

[4] It’s a little Ballerina like and totally flirtatious. This Naf Naf pleated skirt is a simply a beautiful piece. This skirt makes me want to buy a leotard and enroll in dance classes just so that I can wear it over and over again. The slip and sheer skirting has an air of delicacy that I covet ever so deeply this winter.

[5] They’re only penny loafers if they’ve got a penny on top – so add them at your own expense. These particular loafers are Sam Edelman Women’s Etienes and I’m positively in love with them. The fact they come in a color called Watermelon Rush is enough to get me all giddy inside. They’re a little piece of summer that trickled over into winter. It’s a eccentric take on a classic that is oh so me.

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