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The Fantastic Four: Wide Brim Hats

The Fantastic Four: Wide Brim Hats

Nothing says beach weather quite like a wide brim hat, they go perfectly with oversized sunglasses and are just plain fun. Worn correctly they can give off the certain air of mystique that can be a girl’s best friend. They’re alluring and a timeless accessory you’ll go back to season after season. Style icons favor them and it’s no wonder why, they’re gorgeous and something about the right hat makes any outfit seem ten times more stylish. Whether laying out by the pool, or strolling around on sun-drenched vacations, I’m looking forward to sporting one of these hats when the weather decides to be sensible and conform to seasonal norms.

[1] This Lanvin straw hat has this super wide brim that’s totally over the top, and the Swarovski crystal pin-embellishment makes it just that more decadent. [2] The sandy pink hue of this Eugenia Kim wide brimmed hat beckons to the beach, not to mention the little added nautical knot detail makes me crave a day out on the yacht. [3] This floppy felt hat from ASOS puts a dose of non-traditional color into the mix, the silhouette and materials are regal, but the color gives it this cool modern approach. [4] A simple black hat never looked so good, the Maison Michel Blanche Capeline is the perfect wide brim hat, I can picture it on the likes of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian in the tabloids, or on a girl who’s got the world on a string and knows how to work really girly pieces with a bit of androgynous edge.

Creative Corner: Kesh

Designer, artist, photographer, whatever it is you want to call Kesh she’s crazy cool. From working with Vogue to trying her hand at creating her own line, the girl’s got skills and her photography, illustration, and digital art hybrids are beyond inspiring. The British born dynamic artist has taken has relocated to LA so with a little help from some California sunshine, more of her innovative work is about to take root in American soil. I’d love to wear a piece made from a print this jetsetting cool girl created. She’s got a knack for creating artwork that reminds me of M.I.A., her style is the kind of crazy you can’t help but love and her tumblr photo blog is a mecca of fashion and culture inspiration.

If cool needed a definition, she’d be it.

Fashion Sensory III

Fashion Sensory IIIThe Art: I love this oil slick painting, it’s totally grungy, but captivating. The pigments fascinate me, and the way they blend and curve around each other makes this Theo Altenberg piece striking in a way that you can’t take your eyes off of it. It combines almost all of my favorite colors in this mad scientist kind of art expose that intensifies all of the colors you’d probably find in oil slick. I feel like I’m staring at a sort of inkblot oil painting that lets me discover all of these different shapes and manifestations.

The Pieces: This strapless floral print pencil dress from Karen Millen is so beautiful and some how what’s meant to be a floral print looks like the artistic strokes of this oil painting from Theo Altenberg. It’s sort of delicate, yet unkempt in a figure flattering silhouette that emphasizes the curves of the female body. Ever stare at the way rain interacts with the oil on the pavement? It’s kind of what the Theo Altenberg piece reminds me of and this Coach oil slick bag is just like it.

Carine and Karl, The -Felds Take Chanel to Fashion Heaven… & Other News

Helena Bonham Carter

  • Carine Roitfeld styles Chanel’s Fall Campaign – first Barney’s, now Chanel,the ex-Editrix isn’t doing too bad. We’ll affectionately term this partnership between Lagerfeld and Roitfeld ‘Chanel’s -felds,’ corny but cute. — The Cut
  • “Last Night Never Happened” has to be the best app ever invented for nights lacking in even questionable sobriety. — Mashable
  • Solange & Son, Daniel Julez J. Smith have to be the cutest mother and son pairing right now, totally in love with the Julez for Japan shirts her son designed. — Tumblr
  • Helena Boham Carter will not be influences by Vogue or any other fashion mag and the likes of fashion bloggers everywhere. She’ll dress as mad as she damn well pleases. Love it! — The Gloss
  • These pH balancing tampons have to be one of the strangest products on the market, although their reading materials seem convincing I don’t think I’m willing to go all washing machine on my lady parts. — Jezebel

The Fake Out: Crochet Vests

One of these pieces is a mere $346.00 less than the other

The Fake Out Crochet VestsThe Fake Out: Crochet Vests

I wish I knew how to crochet, some call it an old lady thing, while others rave about its relaxation merits. Either way you slice it I love a crochet vest. It’s the quintessential boho chic piece. Paired with lace for the true la vie boheme or edged up with a bright neon tank – the crochet vest is earthy but always timeless. I love the deep v neck of the one on the left, its severe black lack of color makes it the perfect canvas for maximum use of color, flirty floral dresses will cling to it. As for the piece on the right, I love how chocolatey the knit is. I can cozy into the shawl collar and cinch with a belt to exploit all of its features. Carly Simon would be proud of either of these two crochet pieces.
Which one costs more? Click the images to see if you’re right.

Cuff Me

Cuff Me

I love an interesting cuff more than most accessories because there are so many different kinds of cuffs. For the most part they’re more inventive than necklaces and I can always find a way to incorporate them into an ensemble. From thick to thin, gemstones to detail work, I love the ways a cuff takes on so many different personas. There’s almost no outfit that can’t be enhanced by a cuff, and these eight picks are phenomenal eye candy for the wrists.

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Kara by Kara Ross – Honeycomb Cuff; $395.00, Asymmetric Cuff – Silver; $40.00, Dara Ettinger Jordana Agate Triad Cuff – Pink; $238.00, K. Amato Fan Cuff; $52.00, Rodrigo Oatzu – Yellow Moonstone Colored Stone Cuff; $425.00, Etruscan Style Estate Cuff Bracelet Sapphire Ruby Emerald & Diamond Solid 18K Gold; $5,399.00, Blydesign Liza Cuff; $78.00, Janae’s Green Stone Intertwined Gold Wire Cuff Bracelet; $39.95,

Pick of the Week: 04.04.11

Pick of the Week: 04.04.11

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony – Deep Pleated Skirt; $518.00,

I love the texture of this skirt, don’t let the crinkled stamp fool you, I’m pretty sure the pleats will still require ironing. The full skirt will most definitely bounce while I walk, it’s preppy and chic, something Blair Waldorf would wear. Not to mention it’s ultra flirty so dressing it down with something a little masculine like a leather jacket and boots will make for a fashion risk and putting on stockings and pumps with a chiffon blouse to dress it up will work really well.