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Pick of the Week: 30.01.12

Brian Atwood Suede PumpsClaudia Embroidered Suede Pumps – Brian Atwood; – $2,115.00

Forget blue suede shoes, It’d be a cardinal sin if someone stepped on these aqua pumps from Brian Atwood. They’re positively stunning and embroidered details on the back add a little added dimension that any fashion junkie can appreciate. It’s sort of delicate but bold, a mix of contraries I’m obsessed with.

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.
Coveted Deeply

[1] Some people have a thing for shot glasses – I have a thing for salt and pepper shakers. While I’m usually buying them from the different countries I’ve visited, this particular set of egg shaped dragon salt and pepper shakers from L’objet are ornately orient. After all, this is the year of the dragon – adding these to my S&P collection fits perfectly into the scheme of things.

[2] It’s become ultimately clear that I’m obsessed with timepieces of all sorts, from the cutesy to the refined. This Swatch watch is the former, and perfect for stacking with multiple large bangles. The Swatch Year of the Dragon watch evokes the lovely blue and white hand stenciled artwork found in traditional Chinese pottery, bringing it to life in a way that’s a fair bit less delicate.

[3] Jade has all these connotations in Chinese culture, there’s a Chinese saying that says ‘gold has value, jade is invaluable.’ Between the fact that green is my favorite color and the obsession I have with collecting things, (if there was a show called style hoarders, I’d be a regular) this Jade leaf bracelet from CBD by Charlotte Bjorlin D’elia is another one of those things I’m coveting deeply.

[4] Before my parents had me and started a family – they traveled a lot. It was on one of those voyages to China that my mother picked up a blue silk robe that I was obsessed with as a child. I’d trace my fingers over the dragon stitched into the back of the robe and get lost in the beauty of it, and this Sirisha Women’s Asian Nouveau Satin Silk robe reminds me of all of that.

[5] The biggest difference between this Lodis Accessories Audrey E-Reader Envelope and the red envelopes that are a part of the Chinese New Year tradition is that I intend to spend the money I put into this one. Although it was particularly designed to hold an e-reader I’ve got plans for multiple uses brewing in my mind. A cardinal Chinese symbol of luck, I’d keep a red envelop with me at all times just to hold on to the sentiment.

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.
Coveted Deeply

[1] Unlike the rest of the New York fashion scene. I can’t live my life in all black – my need for a colorful wardrobe is just one of those things I inherited from being born in the Caribbean. While black has become sort of a uniform for everyone else – I’ll stick to my bright colors – like this Jade Crop Cable Knit from Acne. The knit makes it perfect for winter – and the color helps keep me and my complexion from sinking into a winter abyss.

[2] Ariel had whos its and whats its galore, and I’ve got a thing for bangles. One day I purchased every color I could find in a vintage store in Toronto. This Kate Spade City Lights Idiom bangle is precious, the engraving on the inside is the cherry on top – it reads “Bright Lights, Big City.” Every chance I get, whether it’s perching myself on my Brooklyn rooftop or driving through the city in the back of a cab after a night out – taking in NYC’s city lights is one of those marvelous things about living in NYC and this bangle embodies that.

[3] These vases have a sort of test tube vibe – taking me back to Chemistry class and the periodic table in a more beautiful way. I may possess an inability to keep plants alive for any extended period of time, but I love orchids. This image conjures up all types of ideas for turning my room into a greenhouse. My dream apartment will  make use of these Pipin Vases in almost every room.

[4] It’s a little Ballerina like and totally flirtatious. This Naf Naf pleated skirt is a simply a beautiful piece. This skirt makes me want to buy a leotard and enroll in dance classes just so that I can wear it over and over again. The slip and sheer skirting has an air of delicacy that I covet ever so deeply this winter.

[5] They’re only penny loafers if they’ve got a penny on top – so add them at your own expense. These particular loafers are Sam Edelman Women’s Etienes and I’m positively in love with them. The fact they come in a color called Watermelon Rush is enough to get me all giddy inside. They’re a little piece of summer that trickled over into winter. It’s a eccentric take on a classic that is oh so me.

Pick of the Week: 09.01.12

Pick of the WeekSavonnette White Quartz Pocket Watch & Chain – Tissot; – $275.00

With the new year and all I’m a little hyper sensitive about time… every clock that ticks and chimes around me seems to count down the seconds passing in my life. Whether I’m making use of them or not is an entirely different subject, but I can stave off the wasted moments admiring the Tissot Savonnette, a white quartz pocket watch for ladies. All I need now is a pair of cufflinks to match up with this masculine turned feminine time piece.

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply – this Christmas.

Coveted Deeply

[1] I honestly hate Christmas list making, but if it’s one thing I’ve been coveting all year it’s this Morocco Headboard from West Elm. I’m determined to add this geometric carved chocolate wood headboard to my decor. It’s one of those things that are in that image I keep fresh in my mind of my dream apartment – and it may just be the first piece I add to start building it in the real world.

[2] If I’m honest with myself and everyone else, I’ll admit that for many facets of my life – I live in organized chaos. I’ve tried to structure my life out in a leather bound planner before, but I always end up abandoning at some point. I find my smart phone and Google planners to be a pain in my rear end. So this time my theory is that if I get one that’s really pretty, like this emerald green Smythson diary, I won’t be able to stop myself from writing  everything down in it.

[3] So it’s no secret that I love Samantha Jones more than Carrie Bradshaw – which to some may seem sacrilegious, but I digress it’s the truth. This Lazar wool-crepe blazer from Preen beckons “Samantha!” It’s gorgeous, it’s vibrant, and… it’s a little too much. Perfect for a suit or a pair of jeans, it’s seventies chic and I want it!

[4] I lament the rise of the cell phone for the very reason that it caused the demise of the wrist watch. Perhaps it’s all the time I spent learning how to tell time, but it was a valuable – self-taught lesson, and I want to use it on something as gorgeous as this grey Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Amy’ Leather Strap Watch.

[5] I have a love of sequins that can at times get irrational. I’ve hunted for the perfect vintage black sequin dress and found it and this stunning skirt is just one of those great finds. This pale gold sequin pencil skirt reminds me of the skirt I tried to swipe from my mother’s closet time and time again only to be reprimanded for touching things that didn’t belong to me.

Pick of the Week: 05.12.11

Manta Ray Bangle

Manta Ray Bangle – Alkemie; – $165.00

It’s the kind of bracelet that gets you tons of Compliments. It is unique and beautiful, and just who decides they can wear a manta ray on their arm?

Me of course. I love to stack it on top of the necklaces i tend to wrap around my wrist and fashion into bracelets, especially when the beads from the necklace sort of make it seem like it’s swimming in the ocean or lying on a bed of rocks or seashells – I’m all about the symbolism but even alone this bracelet is a knock out.

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.

Coveted Deeply

[1] I have quite a few coats, from pea coats to leather jackets to trenches, and I love each and every one of them. The full skirt and cinched waist on this Azzedine Alaia princess coat makes it outwear I wouldn’t want to take off inside. Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge would be a fan of the silhouette, it’s regal and a little bit sexy.

[2] Vintage Chanel can make just about every fashion loving girl swoon, case in point – this WGACA Vintage Chanel watch. Thinking about slipping this on by itself or with a stack of leather and beaded bracelets gives me chills. It’s a work of art.

[3] When I was younger, my mother couldn’t get me into a bra without padding, and now that I’ve got a pair of DD boobs, I’m always on a never-ending search for the opposite. The neon green french lace on this bra from Deborah Marquit is exactly that kind of bra.

[4] I’ve got an obsession with chandeliers, whether its earrings or the ones that hang from the ceiling. The Lambent Sphere Chandelier is sort of ethereal and woodland-y. I imagine it hanging in my living room, with the sparkle of crystal combated by the iron hand-wiring.

[5] While Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni, I much prefer the ring that this Eugenia Kim Hunter Green Lauren Velour Felt Hat has to it. It’s a fedora with just enough masculine authority and a little bit or nursery rhyme zing to polish off any ensemble, especially if your pairing it with my new favorite jacket (see [1])