The Tee You Need

With big boobs, sometimes even something as simple as a t-shirt doesn’t work (don’t get me started on finding dresses that fit, or the simple and much-loved button down). My college boyfriend asked me once why I hated t-shirts so much – my response was “because I really hate uni-boob.”


[Joe Fresh - V-Neck Sleep Tee; $14 - available in-stores &]

Thanks to Wacoal (maker’s of the perfect bra), I’m at the point in my life where t-shirts in general are just about my favorite thing. If I could wear a t-shirt and ripped jeans or leggings every day, I would. Which brings me to my latest find – no one ever said t-shirts needed to be super soft, but they should have. Joe Fresh has a sleepwear tee that may just be the softest t-shirt I’ve ever beheld. Forget that it’s a “sleepwear tee” because who the hell can tell? It feels like butter and I wish my entire wardrobe made of jersey if that’s what this feels like. (Okay, maybe not my entire wardrobe, but you get the point!)

SOS Confession: The Nail-Biter

Zoya in "Cynthia"
I’m 24 years old and I bite my nails. It’s a horrid habit, and don’t even get me started on the germ factor (magnified exponentially by the fact that I live in NYC). Between my sister, my best friend and I, there’s enough nail polish to make a girl go gaga. So why do I bite my nails to the point where I can barely paint them? I have absolutely no idea.
Needless to say, this nail biting habit of mine needs to stop. It’s my stress-coping mechanism, so it’s going to be hard. I can’t use those pepper spray, cayenne pepper remedies because – to be quite honest – when my parents tried to get me to stop sucking my thumb, none of that stuff worked. It’s going to be a mind over matter kind of thing. Last year I tried forking over $35+ every two weeks for gel manis – that only lasted so long… I’m going to paint my nails consistently and see what that does because I’m getting increasingly mani conscious.
This week’s polish – Zoya in “Cynthia”, layered over the Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails – Hard as Wraps” acrylic gel, top coat – OPI “RapiDry.”

My Best Bite in Greece

Saganaki and Fig Marmalade at Assyrtiko in Fira, Santorini

I’ve been holding onto all of the images from my trip to Greece for far too long. I finally put them on my computer and the first thing I want to share with you all is the hands-down best bite I had on my 9-day trip to Greece. The best part about it was probably that I happened upon it by surprise. Nestled in an article in Food & Wine was a mention of a restaurant Assyrtiko that said you had to try the fried saganaki with fig marmalade. To my dismay, I could not for the life of me find the restaurant when we arrived in Santorini.

It wasn’t until my last day in Greece that I stepped out onto our hotel’s terrace to spot the restaurant sign, and less than a block from where I was staying no less. I convinced my friends to pop in to try what I was promised would be a delectable treat. There are so many words for delicious, but nothing comes close to describing the incredible ride my taste buds were on. The way the salty-sweet combination of the melted cheese blends with the fig marmalade, as the flaky pastry melts on the tongue, it’s positively exquisite.

Assyrtiko Restaurant
Ipapantis 40, Fira, Greece
(take the stairs up to the restaurant)

Coco Said it Best…

I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love & when I am not.

I can’t wait to get this piece for my little home bar. Because besides fashion, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel had a way with words. These in particular are words to live drink by. So yes, I drink champagne on two occasions – when I am in love, and when I am not from my new Marquis by Waterford champagne flutes of course. I got mine from Joss & Main, but here’s a similar (and slightly cheaper option).

The Beauty of… the perfect pout

BITE Red Lipstick in "Blood Orange"

On a regular day, I don’t wear makeup, I’m lucky if I even remember to moisturize. (Cardinal beauty sin, I know.) Every now and again I get myself into a beauty habit, it usually lasts until I realize I can squeeze out an extra ten minutes of sleep if I stop primping in the mirror.

One year, I felt particularly pale and felt the need to add a bit of color with bronzer. Another year I grew quite fond of the eye-widening powers of white eyeliner. Little known fact, black eyeliner on the inner rim of the bottom lid accentuates almond shaped eyes. Last year, I rekindled a love affair with Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme mascara.

These days I’m in love with a tube of matte red lipstick. My new lacquer of choice is “Rich Red” from Max Studio, similar here.

2013: My Year in Review

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For.

With each passing year, we’re all called to do a bit of reflecting. All that reflecting led to me reviving this blog, even if it’s only for a little while. The last twelve months have been an interesting and tumultuous to say the least. The thing is, I wouldn’t change most of it for the world. Sure, like anyone, there are things I wish never happened, but I’m making a point to go into 2014 with as few regrets as possible. In lieu of the face that my Facebook year in review failed to capture the highlights of the past year, here’s my highlight reel, the way I see it.

1. #BigFatGreekVacay
I checked another destination off of my travel list when I took a trip to Greece with a couple of my best friends and a few new friends. From Athens to Mykonos to Santorini, we had a great time exploring, lounging and eating. Take a peek at the pictures here.

2. My First Solo Apartment
I guess you could say I struck out on my own nearly 3 years ago when I moved to NYC all on my lonesome. But this year I took another, bigger step to what some might call real adulthood. I moved into my first non-roommate apartment, and I’ve enjoyed setting up “house.”

3. Disney Trip
Short and sweet, but a memory I’ll share with my sister forever. It’s the first trip to Disney we can both remember (because the last time we went, she was a toddler and not the chatty teenager who won’t stop reminding me that she’s taller than me). Sure, Splash Mountain was a hell of a lot smaller than I remembered, and it rained entirely too much, but it was a great trip nonetheless.

4. #BecauseWeCancun
For my annual birthday trip, my best friend and I took a trip to Mexico for a bit of fun in the sun. We explored Chichen Itza, drank quite a bit of tequila and relaxed. (Full disclosure: I’m not a relaxing vacation type of girl, I like exploring, day trips, and always having something to do, it was nice to do Cancun once, but I’m not sure I’ll ever go back). See the pics here.

5. The Dream Job (at least for now)
Picking this one was a doozy, I couldn’t really figure out what to end this on, but where my job is concerned this year has been a dream. It’s had it’s crazy moments where I thought I was going to explode, where it really and truly seemed like a nightmare. The truth of the matter is, when I cried my eyes out a year ago, not knowing whether the new job I’d taken was the “right” choice, I didn’t know how right it was. I sacrificed a safe place for something that allowed me to grow immensely. If I ever doubted myself, this past year has taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to…

It’s been an interesting year, of that I am sure. I can only hope 2014 will be even more nerve-racking-ly awesome. Thank you to my friends who have listened to me whine, drank bottles and bottles of booze with me, and walked me through some truly character-building moments, all of which 2013 was not short on, My resolution, if I were to have one would be to keep pushing myself the way I always have and to do something today that my future self will thank me for…(I also hope I can muster up the energy to update this thing every week)

Postcards from… Venice

Baroque Side Table; $675.00 Alessandra Di Tommaso | Baroque Skull & Lava ring; $369.00 Murano Mosaic Millefiori Tumblers; $99.00 Mystery gold Murano necklace nr. 379; $238.00 Josh Goot | Slim Skirt; $450.00 Image Map

My trip to Venice inspired a love of baroque, Murano glass and so much more.

[1] Baroque Side Table; $675.00 – [2] Alessandra Di Tommaso Baroque Skull Lava Ring; $369.00 – [3] Murano Mosaic Millefiori Tumblers; $99.00 – [4] Mystery Gold Murano Necklace; $238.00 – [5] Josh Goot Slim Skirt; $450.00 –

My trip to Venice sparked an adoration for Murano glass and re-ignited my love for the baroque style. The city floats on the Adriatic Sea, it’s beauty unveiled in every corner and crevice. My mom took to repeating “Venice is like a fairy book,” an interesting combination of fairy tale and storybook. From the Realto Market to the bridges and old doors on the canals and the man playing his violin in a corner at sunset, it’s not hard to imagine how the quiet magnificence of this city sparking a Renaissance. The spirit of the city is somehow captured in my picks and all of the plethora of pictures I took.